Soundboards in Stock

 Soundboards in Stock

While I am happy to source the wood you desire for any guitar I build, these woods are currently sitting in my shop and ready to be made into your next guitar. They offer the advantage of being able to be pick your specific tonewood from my collection and have already being stabilized at the same humidity as the rest of the wood in my shop, ready to build when you order.

Sitka spruce guitar top

Sitka Spruce 1

Sitka spruce guitar soundboard

Sitka Spruce 11

sitka spruce tops

Sitka Spruce billet

I also have the slabs which the tops for QC #5 (featured in the rb-000 page) as well as #7 & 8 were cut from. The wood features prominent medullary rays with tight, curly grain and a rosy coloring. All three instruments have had a focused almost sizzling sound with plenty of articulation for fingerpicking and a great responsive attack with a pick.