Binding Samples

Binding and Purfling are a beautiful and functional accent to a finely made guitar.  I tend towards simple and elegant binding schemes on my instruments and I consider solid wood binding and simple wood and fiber purfling to be standard. 

guitar binding and purfling

Currently I am in love with 3 line purfling and a black/white/black border on the bottom of the binding.  The white strips in these purfling are maple and shimmer under a finish.  It is a simple, understated and beautiful binding scheme.

I am also a real fan of making binding and purfling from the sides of a guitar and using contrasting laminations and purfling to bring it out.  Here the sipo binding and purfling, cut from the sides of this guitar, create a beautiful and smooth transition from the sides to the top.


guitar binding and rosette

Binding schemes can also be matched to custom rosettes as pictured here.  This RB-000 features a rosette made from the same purfling as was used with the binding.  Because this was made from the sides of the guitar, the rosette, binding, and purfling match the back and sides of the guitar perfectly.