The RB-000 is the largest standard model I currently offer.  It is the larger cousin of the RB-0, sharing both the distinctly rounded lower bout and featuring a similar x-brace layout, scaled up to accommodate its larger soundboard.  The size of the guitar certainly tilts the sound to the low end, but it still rings out in the treble range and like all of my guitars is constructed with an eye towards responsiveness and clarity across the dynamic range. 

 Listen to a couple audio samples of the RB-000 here.


Upper bout- 11.5 inhes

Lower bout- 16 inches

Overall length- 20.25 inches

12 Fret 24.9/25.4/25.5 scale length

13 fret 25.4/25.5 scale length

14 fret 25.4/25.5 scale length

The base price of the RB-000 is $3500.  For ordering information please visit the order page.