Size 0


Size 0 Parlor Guitar

A guitar small in size, but not in sound, these instruments are particularly well suited to fingerpicking.  The parlor guitar is light and quick with a commanding treble.  Each guitar is carefully voiced to also bring out the bass and volume that really rounds out a good country blues lick. It is a guitar that really has to be heard and you can do just that in the Size 0 audio gallery

Upper bout 9.25 inches

Lower 13 and 3/16 inches

Body length 18 and 11/16 inches

12 fret 24.625/24.9 scale length

13 fret 24.9/25.4/25.5 scale length

14 fret 25.4/25.5 scale length

The base price for a Parlor guitar is 3,500.  If you are interested please check out the ordering page.