Ordering a Guitar


Ordering Your Guitar

Base price- $3500

I offer both semi-custom and full custom options, but truly even the semi custom is limited only by body shape. The body shapes I currently offer are the rb-0, 00, and 000 as well as a martin style parlor size 0

The base price includes a finely crafted guitar built with top quality tone woods. Some tone woods are pricier than others and some details more exacting, but every Queen City guitar comes standard with...

  • Solid laminated linings

  • Solid wood binding and decorative purfling

  • Bone nut and saddle

  • Bone or hardwood bridge pins

  • Two way truss rod

  • Gotoh open gear or vintage closed gear tuning machines

  • Ascending bar inlaid fret markers(examples of which can be seen here, and throughout the guitars I have listed) or traditional dot inlay markers

  • Hide-glue construction throughout

  • Hand rubbed nitro-cellulous lacquer finish

Finding the right fit, feel, and look of of your instrument is the first step of building you guitar. We will discuss things like the kind of music you play as well as your preference for things like neck profile and string spacing. These sorts of personalizations are included in the base price, but for every instrument there are many other possible options and upgrades which we can discuss when you order your guitar.

  • Wood choice

    The sky is the limit on wood choice, and nearly every piece of wood on the guitar is fair game. If you would like a guitar built out of a specific wood and I can source it I am happy to build it, though rare, exotic and difficult to work with woods will often be subject to upcharges based on the specific wood selection.

    That said, many woods are available at the base price (this list is by no means exhaustive)


    Indian rosewood

    Oregon mrytle/California laurel

    domestic walnut



In addition to wood selection many other upgrades are available, a small sampling of which include…

  • Slotted headstock -$250

    I Love the look of a slotted headstock and I think it makes for a stiffer neck because slotted headstocks are thicker.

  • Fretboard binding -$100+

  • Headstock binding and purfling -$100+

    I will do binding, binding and purfling or a violin style purfling only on the headstock of your guitar. Check out the violin style purfling here.

  • Tuning machines - $cost difference

    Thr Gotoh machines I offer standard are both beautiful and functional, but sometimes we want something a little extra fancy. I am happy to work with you on whatever tuning machines you have your sights set on and the upcharge for this upgrade is based on cost differential and for semi custom orders the potential need to redesign the headstock.

  • Decorative inlay

    If you have artistic inlay ideas I am happy to discuss them with you.

  • French Polish 600+

    Nothing beats the beauty of a french polish. Shellac both looks amazing and sounds great, and I am happy to use this traditional method to finish the body of your guitar. I prefer a lacquer or gunstock finish for necks, but I am also happy to discuss french polishing the neck of your new guitar as well.

Process and Payment

The order process begins with a discussion of what the perfect guitar for you is. Your playing style and past preferences in guitars as well as your aesthetic inclinations in order to design just the right instrument for you. This design process can be very in depth or you can give me some basic insight into what you want and I can take it from there, its all up to you. (I am also happy to send process pictures periodically so you can follow along with the construction of your guitar.)

At this point we will set a price for your instrument and a $750+ deposit will be due. If I am currently running a wait list this deposit will secure your place in line and as such can be paid at any time during the design process to hold a place in the line. Prior to beginning your guitar a second payment of 1/2 the agreed price minus the initial deposit must be paid with the second half of the agreed upon price to be paid prior to delivery of the guitar. The agreed price does not include any applicable taxes or shipping costs which will also be required prior to the delivery of the guitar.

Upon receipt of the guitar there is a 7 day trial period, I am confident that you will love the guitar that we have envisioned together, but a fine guitar should be one that you really appreciate. If, during the trial period you have any concerns or questions about the guitar, please reach out ASAP and if the instrument is just not right for you when you get it in your hands you may ask for a refund, granted with with two conditions: 1) that the guitar is returned, at owners expense, in the condition it was originally shipped in, and 2) upon its subsequent resale, at which time the original owner will be refunded their money or the amount that the guitar is subsequently sold for, if that sum is less than originally paid.  Please note that some customizations of the guitar can make it difficult to resell.

I would love to make you a guitar that looks and feels just right for you, if you are interested please email me at aaron@queencityguitars.com and lets start planning your next guitar!