The RB-0 is a small bodied guitar that packs a lot of tone.  Stylistically modeled after the Gibson L series of the late 1920's, it features a slightly rounder and more prominent upper bout.  The small size of the guitar helps makes it responsive and comfortable to play, while the rounded lower bout creates a much larger surface of sound production in the top than would be expected in a small guitar.  Coupled with a deceptively large internal volume, this gives the RB-0 an impressive bass presence and helps to make a small guitar that maintains clarity and power throughout its tonal and dynamic range.

Give the rb-0 a listen and let the rb-0 speak for itself.


Upper bout- 10.5 inches

Lower bout- 13.75 inches

Body length- 19.5 inches

12 fret option- 24.625 or 24.9 scale length

13 fret option- 24.9/25.4/25.5 scale length

14 fret- 25.4/25.5 scale length


The base price of the RB-0 is $3500.  If you are interested in this guitar, please check out the order page.