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Queen City Guitars November 2018 Shop Update


Hello again! November has been another busy month in the shop here in Oakland. Strings on two more guitars (including a minor numerical celebration, Queen City Guitars #10) and as I write this I am preparing to begin brace carving on another two. The website has gotten a little attention as well. Some things have been consolidated and under the new tab “The Guitars” up top you’ll find a sound gallery featuring audio and video recordings of my instruments. For now the new recordings are mostly myself, but check back every now and then as I will be updating this with new recordings periodically, including some more talented guest players. I have also added a listing of the woods I currently have in stock for backs and sides, as well as for tops. For those of you in the bay area, this is an opportunity to see what woods I have in the shop and if it strikes your fancy to be able to see it in person before it goes into your guitar. Check out both the back and side woods currently in my wood closet as well as the soundboards I have in stock right now. oh yeah, and also four new guitars in the currently for sale section, also under “The Guitars” tab now. The two walnut guitars will be receiving their final set ups later this week or next week and then it’ll be on to some guitar shop most likely. I would love to find them a home before that however so if you or someone you know might be interested please drop me a line and come check them out.

Outside of website updates there is one more import thing to share in this November newsletter…

The first two orders made between now and New Years Eve I am offering at a discounted price.

If you order any semi-custom model with back and side wood I have in stock the base price will be 25 percent off. Between now and New Years Eve the Size 0, rb-0, and rb-000 are all available at a base price of $3,000 as long as they are built with back and side woods that I have in the shop currently (as a newsletter subscriber I can also let you know I have a mahogany back and side set on the way, which would be included in this deal). Maybe you want to get someone something special for the holidays (or maybe you want to get yourself something special to enjoy in the new year). Whatever the reason this is a great opportunity to get a finely made instrument at a very reasonable price. As with all semi custom instruments we will work together to create an instrument with the look and feel you desire.

If your preferences run outside of my current stock of wood I am offering 10% off the base price of any guitar between now and New Years, so any semi custom model becomes available at a base price of $3,600 and a full custom is $4,500.

If you have any interest send me an email, and we can start planning your new guitar. This offer is limited to the first two orders of any guitar and will be taken on a first come first served basis.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back next month when I am planning on talking a little about my current project on Queen City #11 and 12, bracing and voicing the guitar top. Till then check out the new guitars on here and if you would like to try one out in person, or get one of your own guitars worked on send me an email and make an appointment. I am in the shop Monday-Saturday and would love to hear from you. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and thanks for reading.

Aaron Foster

Aaron Foster